Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer For You

How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer for Your Needs

A good Bankruptcy lawyer has a lot of experience and knows the Bankruptcy laws. Your lawyer must provide effective representation when dealing with overwhelming debts. The following are some things to look for.

  1. Experience. Look for an experienced lawyer with knowledge of local bankruptcy rules and practices.

Robert J Adams & Associates has over 40 years of experience in Bankruptcy Court. We have handled over 10,000 cases.

  • Expertise: A good bankruptcy lawyer should have in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law. This includes Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Robert J Adams & Associates has had extensive trial experience and contested bankruptcy cases. We have an excellent record of prevailing on behalf of our clients.

  • Communication. A good bankruptcy lawyer will explain complex legal concepts in plain language. And provide timely and clear communication throughout the bankruptcy process. 

Bankruptcy laws and procedures, and requirements seem strange to the average person. We spend time reviewing concepts, so it is clear.

  •  Personal Attention. Your lawyer should give you individual attention and answer questions and address concerns.

With our firm, you can always speak to our lawyers. We will give you our lawyers’ direct cell phone number. You will not have to go through an operator or a clerk to speak to me or the other lawyers.

  • Trustworthiness: A good bankruptcy lawyer should be honest, transparent, and upfront about the case’s legal process and potential outcomes.

The proof is in the pudding. Many of our clients are referrals. Clients, past and present, have faith in us. They tell their friends and family to call us to resolve serious financial problems.

  • Professionalism: Lawyers should conduct themselves professionally in all aspects of the case. This includes communication, legal strategy, and court appearances.

Our firm is well known and respected throughout the Bankruptcy Court and the Bankruptcy practice of law.

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