Chapter 13

Working  but living paycheck to paycheck? Have you fallen behind on your house  payments or let other bills slide? You are not alone. A recent study  shows that 60 percent of American households cannot absorb a $500  unexpected expense.

If you can’t make ends meet  and your debts are mounting, you are probably getting harassing phone  calls from bill collectors. You may be in danger of losing your home or  your car or having your wages garnished. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be  able to protect you from creditors in exchange for a monthly payment  plan. In order to make the best decision for your situation, you should  contact a knowledgeable bankruptcy law firm to discuss your case.

The  attorneys at Robert J. Adams & Associates Inc. are here for you  during this uncertain time. The highly-trained bankruptcy attorneys at  the firm proudly serve Chicago and the greater Cook County area, as well  as DuPage County and Lake County, Illinois. Call the firm today for a  free consultation to tall them about your situation and find out if  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is right for you.


Filing  for Chapter 13 does not erase your debts. It does, however, provide  immediate relief from creditors and allows you to repay part of your  debts over a period of several years. You may be a candidate for Chapter  13 bankruptcy if:

  • Your income is too high to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • You need to catch up on your mortgage
  • You want to keep assets that would be forfeited under Chapter 7

Under  Chapter 13, a bankruptcy trustee examines your income, expenses, and  debts to determine a monthly amount that you can afford to pay. If you  make all the payments for 36 months or 60 months (three to five years),  the rest of your unsecured debts are forgiven.

On  the date that you file for bankruptcy protection, creditors must stop  collection actions, including garnishment, repossession, and  foreclosure. They cannot call you or take you to court. Chapter 13  allows you to keep all of your property. Read more about Chapter 13 in  the firm’s bankruptcy blog.


Experienced  and knowledgeable attorneys can guide you through the process of  Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Some additional benefits of this kind of  bankruptcy include:

  • Filing for bankruptcy can delay foreclosure proceedings to catch up on your mortgage or buy time for alternative solutions.
  • Chapter 13 may allow you to discharge a second mortgage on your home if you owe more than what your home is currently worth.
  • Chapter 13 can restructure your auto loan to make it more affordable if you owe more than what your car is currently worth.

It’s  a stressful time for you and your loved ones, and the emotional toll is  a burden. Let Robert J. Adams & Associates Inc. do some of the  heavy lifting so you can get back to your life. When a reliable team of  bankruptcy attorneys on your case, you can take a deep breath and feel  confident that your situation is in good hands and that a more  financially stable tomorrow is within reach.


Attorneys at Robert J. Adams & Associates Inc.have helped hundreds  of Illinois families get out of debt through bankruptcy. Each attorney  prepares your filing and negotiates with the trustee to make sure that  your monthly payments are reasonable. If you qualify, you can even start  your bankruptcy filing with low-cost options.  Reach out today to  arrange a complimentary consultation with experienced bankruptcy  attorneys to file for Chapter 13 in one day. With offices in Chicago and  Lake County, the firm also serves the needs of clients in Cook County  and DuPage County. Robert J. Adams & Associates Inc. has served  northern Illinois for over 40 years and is ready to help you today.

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