Swimming In Debt? It Might Be Time To Call A Chicago Debt Collect

American workers take pride in their work, and American ingenuity and  labor has given birth to some of the world’s greatest achievements,  indeed. But the economy rises and falls from year to year and  unfortunately for some Americans that means lost jobs, and lost jobs  often creates debt. Let’s face it, no one wants to be in debt; it  produces anxiety and emotional stress, and sometimes leaves us feeling  as if we have no options. And when you are trying your best to secure  work and pay off your debt when you can, it doesn’t help to have  creditors harassing you every day all day, calling to tell you what you  already know—that you’re in debt.

At  Robert J. Adams & Associates, we understand how stressful, and  annoying, it can be to receive a constant stream of threatening letters  and phone calls from creditors. And as your Chicago debt collection attorney we’ll devise a strategy to bring relief. If you’re in debt, you may want to work with a Chicago debt collection attorney if  creditors are regularly calling you at home or work, if you are unable  to pay down loans, if you are being threatened with lawsuits, or if you  are just simply being treated poorly and are tired of the harassment.


While  many times you may only receive calls and letters requesting debt  repayment, sometimes, however, the debt collector will doggedly pursue  the debt collection, all the way to a lawsuit. In some situations, a  debt collector might file a complaint with a state civil court and list  you as a defendant. The formal complaint will detail why they are suing  and what they are seeking to collect, which is often a principal amount  plus accrued interest, and sometimes they’ll include attorney fees,  court costs, etc. If you are served, meaning that they deliver a copy of  the formal complaint and summons to you, you will then be required to  respond. This is a tactic regularly utilized by debt collectors. They  use affordable legal services to generate these collection complaints,  file lots of them, and hope that you simply don’t show up in court. And  when you don’t show, the judge will have no other option other than to  file a default judgment against you, which opens the door for the  creditor to place a lien against your property, garnish wages, or even  try to freeze the money in your bank account. As you can see, this can  become a very bad situation fast if the debt collector is aggressive.  Therefore, it is best to work with a Chicago debt collection attorney right  from the start. When you know you are in trouble financially, and your  boat is beginning to take on water, don’t sit there and wait to see what  happens, be proactive. Don’t drown in debt, take action. Your Chicago debt collection attorney may even be able to negotiate the amount you owe and get it lowered. There are a million reasons to bring a Chicago debt collection attorney on board when you’re facing collections. Call Robert J. Adams & Associates and let us fight for you.

For  your convenience we’ve drafted a sample letter that you can use to help  stop creditors from harassing you, but of course as financial matters  are often complex, we’re here to help. Call us today for a Complimentary  Consultation.

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