What Documents and Information Do You Need to File Bankruptcy

  1. Pay Advises for the past 60 days. That is usually pay stubs.
  2. Driver’s license or State ID and your Social security card.
  3. List of your debts.
  4. List of your assets.
  5. All court documents such as foreclosure, judgments, liens, garnishments, etc.
  6. Tax Returns. For Chapter 7, the last 2 years. For Chapter 13, the last 4 years.
  7. You will have to do credit counseling before any case can be filed. It is generally done over the internet and cost about $10.

More Detail

Pay Advises

  1. The last 60 days of pay stubs.
  2. If  you are on social security, receive a pension, or are getting  Unemployment-then just documents showing that what you are getting.
  3. If you receive no income, we can use a signed declaration.
  4. If you are married, living with your spouse, but only you file-we need some proof of his/her income.
  5. Self-employed. A written record of your income and business expenses for at least the last 60 days.
  6. Sometimes trustees will want more detail. But usually not.

Social Security

  1. If you are undocumented, we can use your ITIN or EIN number and copies.

Driver’s License

  1. If you do not have a current driver’s license, then a State ID.


  1. A complete list of your debts. A credit report is a good start. Our law firm helps are clients get their free credit report.
  2. There are other debts that don’t show up credit reports. You must tell us.
  3. Some debts don’t show up include parking and red-light tickets, IRS debts and back child support payments.
  4. Some  clients will say I don’t want to list my car debt (for example). You  are required to do so. If you are up to date with your car not the  finance company will be glad to reaffirm the debt with you. Same for  mortgages.
  5. Some clients will say they don’t want to list a  credit card. Remember, cases are filed electronically, and every bank  immediately know of your filing whether you list them or not.


  1. This is not hard. How many rooms of furniture, etc. How much cash on hand and bank accounts?
  2. If you own your home or have a car, we need a little more detail. Most of this information is available to us on the Internet.
  3. If you have a pending Personal Injury case (like an auto accident) we need to know.
  4. The same if you own stocks, bonds, or cryptocurrency.

Tax Returns

  1. Some people are not required to file income tax returns for one or more years. That’s OK. We can use a declaration.
  2. If you do not have your tax returns. Go to: https://sa.www4.irs.gov/irfof-tra/login
  3. I do get people who did not file because they choose not to. That will not fly.

Credit Counseling (Cases Cannot Be Filed without A Credit Counseling Certificate)

  1. The credit counseling, we personally recommend cost $9.76 and if you use our codes the required certificate is emailed to us.
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