Finding a Solution For Unpaid Real Estate Taxes

If you have unpaid property taxes, you may be at risk of losing your  home — even if your mortgage is paid off. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be  the solution to saving your house and curing your debt problems.

The  Chicago bankruptcy attorneys of Robert J. Adams & Associates can  help you get into a Chapter 13 repayment plan to catch up on your  delinquent real estate taxes in Cook County or Lake County, Illinois.

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We see two common scenarios in which clients have not paid their local real estate tax assessments for two or more years:

  •  Some  lenders leave it up to the property owner to pay their taxes, rather  than rolling a tax escrow into the monthly house payment. If you didn’t  know this or didn’t save for taxes, you could suddenly owe thousands of  dollars to the county.
  •  Some clients own their homes free  and clear, but have been unable to pay the property taxes because of job  loss, health problems or other financial burdens.

At  some point, the county sells the delinquent taxes to a third party.  After 2 1/2 years without paying the arrears, the tax buyer can take  possession of your home and kick you out.

General Information:


A  straight bankruptcy (Chapter 7) cannot discharge debts owed to a local  government. However, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can spread those debts out  over three to five years, without interest or penalties. A bankruptcy  trustee will determine a monthly amount you can afford to pay. At the  completion of your plan, any remaining property tax arrears are forgiven  — most filers pay only a fraction of the total debt.

The  other benefit of Chapter 13 is a halt to foreclosure proceedings and  collection efforts. The company holding your real estate tax lien cannot  harass you, threaten you or contact you once the automatic stay of  bankruptcy is invoked. If you still have a mortgage, bankruptcy buys  you time to catch up on payments or explore alternatives to foreclosure.


Unpaid  property taxes and real estate taxes can be burdensome. Filing Chapter  13 Bankruptcy can be the solution to saving your house and curing your  debt problem. Call Robert J. Adams & Associates in Chicago, IL to  discuss your financial issues with our experienced debt relief and  bankruptcy attorneys. We have offices located in Waukegan and Lake  County, Illinois and we also help clients in surrounding areas. We have  experience aiding people with bankruptcy, debt relief, foreclosures,  repossessions, paycheck garnishments, collections suits, payday loans,  parking tickets, license suspensions, income tax problems and much more.  For a debt free NEW START, call today to speak to our experienced  bankruptcy lawyers and get rid of real estate taxes and unpaid property  taxes in Chicago, Illinois.

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