File Bankruptcy and Rebuild Your Credit

There are times when filing Bankruptcy is obvious such as when there  is a traumatic event: Wage Garnishment; repossession, law suits,  foreclosure, license suspension for parking tickets.

For many others there are struggles and doubts. Should I file? Or, should I hold on?

Filing for Bankruptcy is an individual decision. All a good lawyer can do is to show you the options.

Some of the deterrents to filing Bankruptcy and getting financial freedom are doubts about the future.

Will I ever be able to get credit again? What about my credit score?

First, by yourself or with the aid a lawyer get your credit reports.

Check your credit score. There are companies that can tell your score: some are free and others are low cost.

If your score is less than 650 you will have problems. If it is below 550 you are unlikely to get any decent credit.


  1. Keep all the documents on your Bankruptcy case.
  2. Look for some low balance credit sources-and pay the balances off immediately.
  3. If you want to buy a car
  4. Be sensible and look for a modest used car;
    1. Use the internet. There are multiple sites that give the values of used car;
    2. Our law firm often refers clients to Motor World. They will sell affordable used cars to individuals who have filed Bankruptcy
  5. Check your Credit Reports regularly.
  6. If you apply for credit and are rejected you are entitled to get a copy of the credit report that the lender used.
  7. You can get a free credit report once a year. Go to
  8. Immediately dispute any erroneous information. (79% of individuals who disputed errors where successful in getting rid of them).
  9. Start a budget and try to stick to it.
  10. Try to use cash as much as you can.
  11. Avoid Pay Day Loan companies and Title Loan companies like the plague.
  12. Try to put some money aside every pay check even if it is $5 to $10.

People who file Bankruptcy almost always see their credit scores rise.

Many of our clients buy cars immediately after or shortly after they file a Chapter 7.

Over our decades of helping good folks we see so many of our former clients owning homes.

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