Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Adams Publishes Two Books

Chicago, Illinois – WEBWIRE – Sunday, August 27, 2017  

Chicago, IL: Bankruptcy Attorney Robert Adams of  Robert J. Adams & Associates has announced with pride that he has  released two new pieces of literature this year within the bankruptcy  realm. The first book is titled “A General Guide to Bankruptcy Laws” and  was released in June of 2017. The second title is called “Saving Your  Home and Other Real Estate in Illinois,” and was published just a few  weeks ago in August 2017. Both reads combine the extensive experience  that Attorney Adams has acquired in the over 40 years that he has  maintained his practice.

“A General Guide to Bankruptcy Laws” provides its audience with helpful  information regarding the bankruptcy process, including procedures and  commonly asked questions for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13  Bankruptcy, and Chapter 11 Reorganization. Adams skillfully presents  this information to the concerned reader in an easy-to-follow fashion.  “Saving Your Home and Other Real Estate in Illinois” focuses primarily  on the foreclosure process. The author shares the ins and outs of  foreclosure, and goes over potential alternative solutions to  foreclosure, as well as sharing tips and other information about  foreclosure proceedings if the process turns out to be necessary.

Attorney Robert Adams reported on what he hopes most for his readers to  gain through reading his books, and commented, “I want people to have  and save their homes. At the same time, I want people to be realistic  about what is possible. The main issue in the book is to let homeowners  and property owners know how the law affects them; their rights and  limitations. Likewise, it is important that they understand how the law  tends to favor mortgage companies and other creditors who place liens on  homes. Knowing this information gives one the ammunition and knowledge  for going forward to save their property. Or, if it is not practical to  save one’s property, how to minimize the financial impact of its loss.”  The Chicago-based bankruptcy attorney then went on to discuss why his  heart is in the work that he does, and reminded homeowners that he is on  their side by saying, “Personally, my heart always has been with those  who are in need and in trouble. I long ago found that the use of our  American Bankruptcy laws gave the average person leverage against banks  and finance companies. There is no greater joy for people to be secure  in their homes. I like that I can be part of it. I would rather be a  lawyer who helps people save their homes than a lawyer who works to take  homes.”

About Robert Adams and Robert J. Adams & Associates: Robert  J. Adams & Associates has been helping people in Chicago with  financial difficulties for over 30 years. When you meet with one of our  helpful lawyers, we gather accurate information on your finances and  discuss your options. We give you the information you need to make an  informed decision as to what is in your best interest. Contact us for  legal advice with bankruptcy, foreclosures, wage garnishment and other  financial support. For a strategy session, please call 312-724-5660 today.

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