If you default on your car payments, the lender or dealer won’t wait  long to repossess. You do not have to just let this happen! Filing for  bankruptcy can stop repossession. Even if the “repo man” has already  taken your vehicle, there may be a chance to get it back if you act  fast.

If you are in danger of losing  your car because of financial problems, the lawyers of Robert J. Adams  & Associates can intervene. We have helped hundreds of clients in  Chicago and the surrounding communities of Illinois save their cars and  get debt relief.

We Can Stop Repossession!

Call  us today. Our bankruptcy attorneys can file your petition quickly to  prevent repossession or get your repossessed vehicle back. Time is  critical. Don’t wait another minute!


An  auto loan is a secured debt, with your vehicle as collateral. A car  title loan (title pawn) works the same way. If you don’t make your  payments, the holder of the loan can repossess and take title to your  vehicle.

General Information:

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides specific benefits to car owners:

  • Filing for Chapter 13 stops repossession. The bank or dealership or third-party repo company cannot take your vehicle or threaten to do so.
  • Chapter 13 can get your repossessed car back if you file within a day or two before the vehicle is auctioned. You will have to pay the arrears and costs.
  • Chapter 13 can restructure your car loan if you owe more than the car is currently worth and you have owned the  car for at least 910 days. You payments or interest rate are reduced.
  • In a Chapter 13 plan, your unsecured debts are spread over several years so that you can afford your car payments.

When  your car is repossessed, you may still be on the hook for the missed  payments AND the remainder of the loan. If you can’t pay the arrears or  don’t want the car back, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge your debt to  avoid a deficiency judgment.Chapter 13 can also stop repossession of  boats, furniture, appliances and electronics that were financed.


If  you want to stop your car repossession or get your car back in Chicago,  IL, our repossession lawyers and attorneys can help you file Chapter 13  bankruptcy. Call Robert J. Adams & Associates in Chicago, IL for  repossession, foreclosure defense and discuss your financial issues with  our experienced debt relief and bankruptcy attorneys. We have offices  located in Waukegan and Lake County, Illinois and we also help clients  in surrounding areas. We have experience aiding people with bankruptcy,  debt relief, foreclosures, repossessions, paycheck garnishments,  collections suits, payday loans, parking tickets, license suspensions,  income tax problems and much more. Call today to speak to our  experienced vehicle repossession lawyers in Chicago, Illinois. We can  get your repossessed car back!

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