Income Tax Debts

Do your debts include IRS back taxes? If you do nothing, the interest  and penalties will continue to pile up. The IRS may even file liens  against your assets or prosecute you for tax evasion.

Contrary  to what most people think, some federal income tax arrears can be  discharged in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Talk to the  experienced lawyers at Robert J. Adams & Associates about this  potential opportunity to shed your tax debt.

Find Out If Your Back Taxes Qualify

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The  bankruptcy laws were created to give a fresh start to people who are  hopelessly in debt. If you have outstanding income taxes, you may be  eligible to discharge some or all of what you owe the Internal Revenue  Service:

  •  Only taxes that are at least three years old are eligible. You are still on the hook for recent tax burdens.
  •  You must have filed your tax returns on time or requested extensions for the year(s) in question.
  • Y ou cannot be in a current IRS payment plan or offer in compromise.

This  is an oversimplification of very complex rules governing dischargeable  income tax debt. Attorney Robert J. Adams has helped many clients  successfully navigate the IRS restrictions to discharge their back  taxes. He can determine if you qualify and what steps you need to take  to make it possible.

General Information:


In  Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your eligible debts are wiped clean, including  dischargeable taxes and IRS interests and penalties. In a Chapter 13,  you pay a prorated portion of your debts (as low as 10 cents on the  dollar) over a five-year period. Chapter 13 may also allow you to  discharge IRS tax liens.


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