What Are Second Mortgages, Judgment Liens And Tax Liens

What Are Second Mortgages, Judgment Liens And Tax Liens In Foreclosure?

When foreclosure cases are filed it is common to see defendants other than the property owner.

Mortgage  companies get title searches before filing a foreclosure. The title  search will show entities that have liens on the property. Common  additional defendants include junior mortgagees; Judgment creditors; and  IRS tax liens.

These entities may or may not file appearances or file answers in the foreclosure.

Even  if they file an appearance or answers these entities seldom offer bids  at the judicial sale. The reason is simple: if they were the successful  its bid would have to pay the first mortgage balance. Unless there is  significant equity second mortgage holders will not bid at the judicial  sale.

A Judgment lien is a type of  nonconsensual lien (a lien that attaches to your property without your  agreement). It is created when someone wins a lawsuit against you and  then records the Judgment against your property.

The IRS routinely files tax liens. The lien is filed in any county that the IRS knows the tax payer has property.

The IRS frequently files tax liens on all tax debts going back as far as 10 years.

Although the IRS and judgment lien holders can bid at foreclosure sales they do not.

The  consequence is that absent a Bankruptcy the homeowner or property still  owes these entities money after the foreclosure. These entities: second  mortgage holders, judgment lien holders and the IRS can use whatever  legal means they have to seek to collect their debts.


The  most practical means is to file a Chapter 7 if possible. Most IRS debts  that are older than three (3) years are dischargeable in a Chapter 7.

The  Second Mortgagee and/or the Judgment lien holder might possibly cancel  the debt but then the homeowner or property owner is faced with the  problem discussed above: receiving a 1099-C.

If one cannot file a Chapter 7 for one reason or another a Chapter 13 with a very low dividend might be the best solution.

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